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The youthband Göta Lejon has since the 60’s entertained the inhabitants of Gothenburg by giving them music and dance in the city’s streets and squares. The band, in their characteristic blue and white uniforms, is a popular part of all great events in Gothenburg. At different inaugurations, parades, sports events, national celebrations, Chalmers Parade etc, Göta Lejon has always been present. The band also plays at business and private parties. The repertoire comprises 70 songs in a set program of parade music and show elements characteristic for a marching show band.


The youth band Göta Lejon was founded in 1962 and consisted of members from different school bands. From 1967 until 1996 the band was conducted by Sven Olander who also developed it into what it is today. He introduced the figurative march and built up the great repertoire of about 70 pieces of march and parade music. The first choreographer of the band was Sofia Sjölin. She started as a dancer in 1979 and during many years acted as drum major and has composed many of the dances that today are part of the dance repertoire. She introduced the flag troop that further strengthens the visual impression of the band. The band has 60-80 performances every year. At the World championship for marching show bands at Potsdam in 2001 and at Monza 2003 Göta lejon placed honourably.

The band

The youth band Göta Lejon has about 80 members in the ages 10-24 years. The members get their musical education and undergo training in instrumental skills and the ability of acting together in a big band. Over the course of 50 years, a mindset has evolved called the “Göta Lejon spirit”. It is signed with tolerance towards other people, and different musical and choreographical qualities. To be one of the members of the Göta Lejon band is joyful, constructive, thrilling, and interesting. The income of the band comes from different commissions and pays for the instruments, uniforms, rehearsals, locales, sheet music and other equipment. In strengthening the economical basis, the band arranges several markets and lotteries. The band is an organisation where the members consist of children and their parents but where anybody can become a member.


In recent years the band has represented Gothenburg and Sweden in trips abroad carried out every year. Most European countries have been visited. For instance, the band has at four different occasions played in Vienna at international youth music festivals. Further travels throughout the years: Four to the United States, numerous trips to France, twice to Disneyland Paris, Monte Carlo, The Vatican State, Sicily, Venice, Monza, Salzburg, Bremen, Scarborough and other places have been visited by Göta Lejon.